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On November 3, 2020, in Tasovčići near Čapljina, a ceremonial unveiling of the renewed memorial plaque in honor of the Austro-Hungarian captain Teodat Andrić was held. The monument, placed in 1914, was severely damaged over the years. Progresys financially supported the revewal and unveiling of a memorial plaque to pilot Teodat Andrić in Čapljina, and the organizer of the activity is the WERK Association. In addition to investing directly in industry, it is crucial to invest in culture and nurture the memory of significant people for our past.

Teodat Andrić was born on May 4, 1875 in Trieste, and he died on May 17, 1913 in a plane crash near Čapljina. Andrić was the first commander of the air base in Mostar and the first "victim" of an air accident in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Andrić was a professional soldier and originally a cadet in the 84th Infantry Regiment until his promotion to lieutenant in 1894. In 1899, Andrić became the first Tyrolean kaiserjäger. In 1912, he completed a pilot course in Vienna's Neustadt and received a pilot's certificate with serial number 89. On January 9, 1913, he was appointed commander of the new fleet of aircraft in Mostar.

Under the leadership of General Emil Uzelac, the first commander, the newly formed Austro-Hungarian Air Force developed rapidly. Since 1913, they have been trained at four airports, at the school for fighter pilots in Gorizia (today's Italy), pilot schools in Wiener Neustadt and Fischamend (Austria) and in Novi Sad (Serbia). Candidates are trained there as military pilots or field pilots. In addition to the existing schools, at the end of 1913 the air bases Przemysl (Poland), Mostar and Sarajevo-Rajlovac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) were built.


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