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Special Machine Construction

With new technologies, products and solutions, Progresys M&E GmbH looks consistently into the future and pays attention to the megatrends of sustainability. With technical know-how and goal-oriented implementation, innovative ideas are implemented through the establishment of Work and production processes promised.

  • From the first idea to the prototype to series production

CNC turning

Progresys M&E GmbH has a modern machine park with large machines and smaller machining centers, which are equipped with extensive programming software systems and machine controls, and is able to meet high performance requirements.

Our machines have automatic measuring systems as well as C and Y axes to finish the parts directly on the lathe. This enables us to shorten our production time and deliver to our customers as quickly as possible.

We machine demanding materials such as titanium, heat-treatable steels, plastics as well as aluminum, brass, etc.

Our production areas are between 5 and 465 mm in diameter and up to 1050 mm in length.

Milling CNC

We manufacture our milled parts on ultra-modern and highly precise CNC machines of the highest quality. We have 3-, 4- and 5-axis machining centers.

In order to program the complex components, we also use one of the most modern 3D programming systems here in order to minimize the non-productive times on the machines. Required devices and tools are manufactured in our in-house tool shop to guarantee the highest flexibility and quality.

With our CNC milling machines we offer you the production of complex individual parts up to series in dimensions or axis movement x / y / z up to 3000/820/820.