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The key role in our company

For Progresys M&E GmbH, the focus is on delivering uncompromising and documented quality in order to confirm the customers' trust in the services of Progresys M&E GmbH. Quality standards are set in the construction phase. In order to be able to guarantee the accuracy requirements of the products, the 3D coordinate measuring machines, laser measuring systems and optical test equipment are used and the company processes are documented in writing. The quality of the products and services is guaranteed with the QM system from Progresys M&E GmbH.

Manage your business

In today's competitive environment, quality is a critical factor in all efforts to win customers over. Quality thinking is therefore an indispensable feature and plays the key role in our company. In order to optimize our company and thus to strengthen the trust of the customers even more, Progresys M&E GmbH has all the technical certificates for the mechanical engineering sector, with which a complete quality assurance is guaranteed. Environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art production is also ensured.



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