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EUFOR troops cleared the Austro-Hungarian cemetery in Mostar. In July and August, soldiers from the multinational battalion cleared the overgrown and neglected cemetery of bushes. The cemetery was built during the First World War, and 1,330 Austrian soldiers and families were buried there. Apart from the Austrians, the cemetery is also the last resting place for 59 soldiers from Italy, Germany and Hungary. A total of 70 soldiers with a total working time of 2,000 hours were involved in the cleanup. A local Catholic pastor was happy about this activity and held a fair in the field last week. Today, the contingent of the Austrian Bundesheer from EUFOR is part of the Military War Cemetery, which is protected by the Geneva Convention. The company Progresys supported this activity financially, and participated in the organization of tools and necessary materials for the successful implementation of the project. We are happy that there are similar initiatives in our society and we are committed to working to connect Austria and BiH.

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