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The Austrian Ball has already become a tradition in Sarajevo, an event attended by people from all over BiH, but also from abroad, and everyone enjoys classical dances and performances by top artists. Last night, the third most beautiful story was written in the crowded Sarajevo City Hall. The ball was opened by members of the Aster dance club from Sarajevo, and was joined by numerous Viennese dance lovers. The dancers have shown that grace and romance are timeless and universal, and that music is what unites people through the centuries.

In addition to the ceremonial program, the decoration was awarded to the Austrian Ambassador in BiH, H.E. Mr. Martin Pammer by the City of Sarajevo for many years of cooperation and great success. Representatives of Progresys, Emina Duraković, were presented with a letter of thanks on behalf of the organizing committee of the Austrian Ball in BiH, for helping organize the Austrian Ball in Sarajevo in the past two years. In addition, badges were presented to Ambassador M. Pammer and Mr. Saldin Herac, CEO of Progresys, for their contribution to the city and successful cooperation and deepening of relations between Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"Nice awards and recognitions in Sarajevo after 5 years of the head of the mission - especially for international connections, understanding and more mutual knowledge, cultural year 2016 and the establishment and organization of the Austrian Ball in Sarajevo, such as resolving open issues. Thanks to the Sarajevo City Council, Dr. Mehmed Spahi, Saldin Herac, Emina Durakovic and the ball committee. "-Martin Pammer-

"The Third Austrian Ball in Sarajevo City Hall confirmed that this event is becoming one of the trademarks of excellent cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria. On that occasion, I presented a letter of thanks from the City of Sarajevo to former Austrian Ambassador to BiH Martin Pammer for his selfless contribution." Ambassador Pammer is always welcome in Sarajevo and the Sarajevo City Hall. "-Abdulah Skaka-


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